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Culture and multicultural cont.

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York University
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SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

2. Multiculturalism from 1990s-Present e. video clip: Little Mosque on the Prairie, “Flying While Muslim” (2007) Critique problems that Muslims have with racial profiling. 3. Multiculturalism and Canadian Nationalism Nationalism: patriotism, pride in ones’ country Multiculturalism serves as a way to promote tolerance; often held as a reason to celebrate Canadian national identity. Differentiate us from the; us= Canadians vs. them= Americans, Europeans... etc. Canada is about Diversity. a. Form of moral superiority over the U.S. We have universal healthcare; systemically dismantle. Less racist we are b. yet multiculturalism is seen as a problem when (white) images of “Canadiana” are disturbed i. Mounties wearing turbans Baltej Singh Dhillion; applied to the RCMP and he met the requirements and more except one; he is Sikh and as a Sikh man he didn’t want to remove his turban from his home. He was refused entry onto the RCMP because of his turban. 100,000 people signed a petition to keep the RCMP uniform the same Popular in Canada, US and elsewhere “white male, polite and benevolent” Dhillon; the dress code after this crisis was amended in the early 90’s. And now he works as an RCMP officer. ii. French-Canadians wearing hijabs In Quebec worn by Muslim women and girls September 1993, Emilie Ouimet was excluded rom her high school for wearing a hijab in concern of the dress code. Images of the White French Canadian was interfered by girls with hijabs. A Betrayal of the French-Canadian identity. Women who wear a hijab are oppressed Assume that the white French Canadian women are liberated and brown French women are oppressed. Ignores the similarities between the position of Muslim women and others of color Ignores positions of all Canadian women Ignore the idea of Islamic feminism; and the way they practice to wear the hijab. Some women= hijab is a source of empowerment, seen as a sex object, something that gives women respect in the public sphere. Gives women a sense of identity. Hijab = oppression; women being forced to wear it ( that’s what they say) Underscore how superficial multiculturalism in the social justice. Underscore how despite multiculturalism is , Canadians use white as the main thing 10 years ago an English let prof, published work about intense relationships with women about Anne of Green Gables. Robertson examined the subtext for Anne’s relationship with women. iii. Asian woman scientist on $100 bill Person on the money is supposed to represent something Bank of Canada released a $100; a women looking into a microscope, with a bottle of insulin The origin
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