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Social feminism

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

SOCIALIST FEMINISM: ON THE FAMILY AND LABOUR 1. Socialism/Marxism a. three common misconceptions about socialism/Marxism I. There is a direct line of descent of Carl Marxist work to dictator of Soviet Union mark stallion. II. Advisable not to be caught up in any Marxist or social text A perfect social and economic system which there would be peace and harmony; a problematic understanding. Encourages people to step on other people in order to succeed. b. capitalist society is characterized by exploitation The latest and last succession of class that is characterized by exploitation. Who own property? Who doesn’t own property? Concerns who works who doesn’t work, the rules governing the property ownership and how it’s established. Exploration= one class; the ruling class taking the economic surplus from the working class. Working class= produce products, most of the gain from the production is from the ruling class. Enough money to feed themselves, but most of the profit will go to the owners Ruling class has the lands, the peasants work the lands. What is obvious in exploitation? Its covered over by capitalist societies How is it mystified? Through the official version of the law; not neutral works in the interest in the capital class More money for the owners. c. law works in the interests of capitalism and the ruling class The establishment of the 8 hour work day, weekend, and restriction on child labor, minimal wage, safety. The amount of money they receive is for them to help the workers with the necessities. Tremendous amount of
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