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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

January 30, 2013 Culture and Multicultural pt 2 3 nationalism is about pride in one’s country Multicutralism is the reason why we celebrate Canadian identity To having a shared history and destiny (to differentiate from “us” from “them”) Canada (in a natural discourse), diversity (culture), freedom, opportunities, health care system*, polite, hockey 3a Canada is showing how “less racist” we are 3bi seen as a problem when canadiana images are disturbed In the case Blatej Singh Dhillon, and he was a RCMP officer, he met all the requirements but refused entry because of his turban (since he was Sik) 150,000 people signed a petition to keep the original outfit and to not change it ^ reason why since Canadian law is seen as white, male, benevolent For Dhillion, he is allowed to wear turbans and work as a RMCP officer 3bii Emilie Outimet was kicked out of class beucase she did not take off her hijab bcause it would affect her safety This is a betrayal of the quebec identity Assumption who were the hijabs are somehow “opperessed” 4a dichotomy is something that is set up to be seprate to be different from each other (come against one another) False dichotomy looks like a dichotomy but it really is not a dichotomy 4ai-ix that the white French Canadian was superior and the brown women are opperessed ^ it ignored the position of muslims and thse of colour, it absured all Canadian women They were not given respect in public and private sphere Hijabs asserts cultural difference and how women are showing their religion ^ cause white people believe that the women who wear the hijab are opperesed since they believe they are forced to wear it Anything that challeges the white, heterosexual middle class Canadian nationalism = bad Anne of green gables is an example like the hijab that if it calleges the Canadian nationalism is going against Canadian culture 3biii the new Canadian 100$ bill was suppose to be an Asian women scientist in the back These symbols or pictures represent Canadian culture The 100$, the women had easy Asian features, and changed the image to what we see now Jeremy Harrison = “neutral ethnicity” (the bank changed the image because the bank wanted to represent neutral ethnicity) Neutral ethnicity is or normal is “white”, are set up as neutral and everything else is adnormal 4 most anti-feminsit say that multiculturalism does little or nothing to address these issues (racial profiling etc) bilingual/bicultural is a tool (like different dance and food, however, anit-femeinst say that multicultural focuses on tradition or symbols) From a anti-racist femeinst argue that All mlticultralism do are just funding for dance and food only ^ some anti-feminsts say that multicultural does not allow culture to be seen ^ they have also critique that politics always find a stereotypical male of different ethnicity, and never a women (to be represented) ^ multiculturalism only certain minorities to speak (womens voices are rarely heard) white people “wasps” are assumed to be dicverse, very different views of politics because of the working white privilege and not for non-white society 5a white culture as normal and non-white is adnormal No discussion on “white crime” or is a big problem, no idea that wihte culture is seen as adnormal Lawerence said Not about racism, but about culture, cultural racism doe is assume culture based on race (their physical) and no such thing has “feminism” within cultural racism, feminist values are often utilize to make some cultures backward From anti-racism prespective, feminist values are being use certain cultures as “backwards” ^ describing Canada that culture (spousal abuse {even though it can happen to anyone} and honour killing) are not tolerated, even though it is “not” a cultural issue ^ this is treating women that it is caused by backward multiculturalism Class is erased from multiculturalism is because clas
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