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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

Sosc 1350 January 23, 2013 Immigration pt. 2 & multiculturalism -4 immigrant not allowed to apply for citizenship - domestic labour does not have a high status - there have been significant variations of race and ethnicity - the less western people, the worst the pay and conditions (plus no citizenship) - late 1800 domestic workers were white Canadian women - until the early 1900 when immigrants started to come - 4a british female were desireable and reproduce their race and their “civilization” to young Canadians - either improvish women (who had nothing better to do) so they came to Canada - often gov’t paid for white britsh women to come, easier to move from one family to the next and easy to obtain citizenship - 4b scandinadans were almost as good as british, - finland also brought a lot of women to Canada - 1890s – WWII, contientental European had to pay their own fair to come to Canada - some Italians came but gov’t discouraged to come - 4c preferred domestic workers (white) could not be found - late 1950s canada did not spend any money in getting carribean since they were highly intelligent (they have degrees) - ^ these women moved out of domestic work and sponsor relatives (since of the low status and pay) and gov’t worried about black people coming to Canada - 4d mid 1970s Canada produced various programs to bring immigrants to Canada but no rights in citizenship - the more foreign workers moved away from british, the more they were not desirable - the nanny business film- - 5000 Filipinos come to Canada each year - in 1990s the Filipinos in the Livein Caregivers Programs and must live in their employers house - many were scammed by the agents - Evelyn (is one of the women who were scammed) came to Canada for the future of her kids - nanny business is a big business, some nanny’s would not be paid overtime and work long hours - LCP brought nannies in temporary visa’s and must live in their employers with at least 2 years - LCP train these wom
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