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Julie Dowsett

February 15 2012INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE Violence is a term associated with the family labor intimate partnerits impossible to talk about the family and relationships unless you also talk about the violence thats present within the family and many intimate relationships29 of women at some point in their lives will be a victim of violence in some point of their livesPower dynamics can be said to exist within every single Canadian family There are substantial difference between family members ie income age strength height weight etc and these differences significantly contribute to power dynamicsSometimes these power dynamics translate into violenceThe single most dangerous place for women is the family homenot the sort of people that women are told that they should fear ie not an alley way its not a sketchy neighborhood etcThe leading cause of death for women at work is being murdered by her spouse or partnerif shes murdered at work its not because of an accident relating to work machinery etc but because her spouse knows where to find her and thats where hell kill herviolence from within the family home extending to the workplace Intimate partner violence is a very significant problem in Canada1 in 2 people will be the victim of violence and 29 will be a victim of abuse because of an intimate partnerMulticulturalismProf Dowsett is very critical of the discourse that assumes that violence against women only takes place in socalled backward or uncivilized countrieso Article in the Globe and Mail critiques this discourse The author is critiquing the mainstream medias focus on honor killings It argues that the problem with violence against women is that honor killing is just a drop in the bucket in terms of how much violence against women there is in CanadaFebruary 16 2012 TutorialBattered Women Syndrome BWSa psy discoursea psychological explanationthat is often used as a defense in cases where women have committed harm toward their partner ie murdero It explains why an abused woman stays in a particular relationship and why she lashes out This discourse explains why the woman has committed the crimeo It explains it in the sense that shes put up with years of abuseo Men are often killed when they are sleepingBWS is used to defend this in that it explains that the woman is basically experiencing learned helplessnesswhich is a psychological state in which youre conditioned to a state of helplessness Limitations of BWS see Comack reading o Psychologyit looks at each individual rather than the entire social construct and sees something lacking and if the focus is only on the women as missing something some women dont leave their husbands because economically its not good for them This explanation doesnt look to solve the entire problem of violence against women o Not a defensebias toward male its not all the time that when a woman is being beaten that shell retaliate therefore its questionable as to whether or not she can actually plead guilty using selfdefense In order for BWS to be applicable it must reasonably occur to the accused that the threat is imminent Theres a male bias because if we were to understand the way women and men are men tend to be physically stronger than women Therefore its not always equal 1
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