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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

(FINISHING) THINKING ABOUT GENDER AND RACE IN SOCIO-LEGAL STUDIES 5. The Workings of Oppression and Privilege .e American civil rights-era quote: “White is a flesh colored band aid.” - White privilege means that white is seen as normal, neutral and universal. - Others are seen as abnormal or exceptional or specific in particular - Means whiteness can stand in for normal just as male prvilage means that male can stand in for normal . .f deconstructing “normal” - Mythical norm by perry: “what is normal”: white, male, straight, Christian, middle class, able-bodied, cisgendered. - Why does law treat “male, white, straight” treat as normal: bc that’s society. .g the “mythical norm” - teams are named either after aboriginals or animals - ex fighting whites: changed names from fighting reds to whites: HUGE scandal, student descried change as “we wanted to do something that will let people see the other side of what’s its like to be a mascot” - people were offended, what’s so offensive: stereotyping white people the same as they stereotype others .h clip from BabaKiueria - social construction of normal, people labeled outside of normal become problems that the gov’t needs to fix - poking fun at the way the Australian gov’t wants to manage the lives of aboriginals - - white people can see racism without being asked to represent their people white ppl don’t see their bullshit cause they white, men don’t see their bullshit either cause theyre stupd HETERONORMATIVITY AND CANADIAN LAW Heterosexuality is not natural, just common. —T-shirt slogan (1993) 1. The Social Construction of “Normalcy” and “Deviance” a. heteronormativity relates to the social construction of “normalcy” and “deviance” - normalcy and deviance in quotes bc they are problematic - social contsrcution of normal require social construction of deviance, whiteness can only be labeled normal if blackness is labeled wrong or deviant - queer is an umbrella term for LGBTA community - privilege = “normal” - b. heteronormativity vis-à-vis the “mythical norm” (importance of Perry reading from last week) c. importance of taking apart the centre (white, heterosexual, cisgendered, men, able- bodied) as well as the periphery (black, brown, Aboriginal, queer, transgendered, women, disabled) - while the periphery has been taken apart, the center stays intact. Need to take apart both of them to truly understand race d. the study of heteronormativity is one way of taking apart the centre - involves taking apart heterosexuality (remained largely uninterrogated) 2. What is Heteronormativity? a. a system of social relations in which heterosexuality is institutionally and ideologically privileged at the expense of queer sexualities - institutions: family, law, prisons, corporations - ideologically: set of ideas on how the world works b. heterosexuality assumed to be “normal” and “natural” - manifests itself as the unconscious of exclusive that heterosexuality is the only “normal” or “natural” sexual relations c. “An Intervention” (clip from the film But I’m A Cheerleader!) - Homosexuality is shown as problem - Father suggests that being lesbian is unnatural - Dichotomous and rigid - Based on real life phenomenons: conversions from being queer to being straight - Being queer is being mentally ill - Exodus international: ex-gay movement, apologized to the queer community for 37 years of work d. T-shirt slogan quote: “Heterosexuality is not natural, just common.” e. relates to the older term “compulsory heterosexuality” (Adrienne Rich, 1980) - heterosexual marriage was only legal location for long term intimate relationships - close off all options for women - heterosexuality was not natural but compulsory for women f. critiques the idea that “homosexuality” is always the “problem” in need of investigation - we only focus on queer people therefore see it as a people - g. recent research asks us to investigate the social construction of heterosexuality for a change - 3. The Social Construction of “Heterosexuality” and “Homosexuality” - homo seen as offensive term - society assume there are only 2 genders and sexualities - coined 1868 by Karl Maria Kertbeny, terms didn’t even exist before that a. contemporary understanding of both heterosexuality and “homosexuality” (note problematic nat
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