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SOSC 1350

January 29th, 2014 Harliv Singh 212 607 289 “Culture” and “Multiculture” Summaries: Tanisha Ramachandran, “No Woman Left Covered: Unveiling and the Politics of Liberation in Multi/interculturalism” (K) This article discusses a specific provincial ban in 2007 that was one of the numerous veiling bans in Quebec. By banning the hijab from certain public spheres, it goes to show that Canada sees the hijab on a woman’s body to be perceived as threatening. Quebec announced that young Muslim girls were not allowed to participate in sports in various regions of the province if they did not unveil. This was in part due to the hijab being viewed as a signifier of oppressed Muslim women. Ramachandran argues that in the dominant Canadian consciousness, "the hijab, a piece of cloth, is the symbol for the abhorrent nature of Islam” and that the hijab threatens Western conceptions of modernity. Amanullah De Sondy, “Searching for the Colorful Faces of Muslim Men” (K) De Sondy’s article illustrates how Euro-American mainstream media sensationalizes Muslim men as always bearded, overly-traditional religious extremists that all look, act, and think the same. I believe that stereotypical images of Muslim men flood the news channels and newspapers to create an consistent image that gets imbedding in societies minds and evokes some short of fear. This stereotype ignores the overwhelming diversity of what it means to be a Muslim man. The many types of Muslims; Sunni, Shi'a,Ahmaddiya, Ismaiili
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