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January 17, 2014 Harliv Sarina Singh 212 607 289 GENDER & THE LAW : SUMMARIES Tim Stanley, “John A. Macdonald wanted an ‘Aryan’Canada” (K) The author of this article, Tim Stanley, wrote about a white supremacist, JohnA. McDonald and his comments to the House of Commons. For McDonald, Canada was to remain anAryan race (master race) and the Chinese threatened its purity. Sir JohnA. wanted Canada to remain White. He even went so far as to refer to the “Electoral FranchiseAct” of 1885 as “my greatest achievement”, and spoke favourably on an amendment to ensure that Chinese and other non-Whites would not be allowed to vote. Here McDonald introduces race as a defining legal principal of the state. That the very roots of the legal system was based on racism. Furthermore, the article states that JohnAMcDonalds vision of theAryan Canada still exists every time we think of Canada. 1) What surprised you while doing this reading? or What did you not know before? (did it change your thinking in any way? Actually I was not surprised at all as I already learned about Canada's racial background in other classes. JohnAMcDonald is just one of the many people that had this opinion about Canada being and remaining a "White Man's Country." 2) How is this reading relevant to your life? It defiantly is relevant to my life because racism still exists everywhere today. Along with discriminating against natives, Chinese andAfricans, JohnAMcdonald also discriminated against Indians and Sikhs. As a Sikh, it is interesting to learn about how things came to be today and how people of colour earned the rights they currently have. If it were not for people lie McDonald, we would not be able to explicitly see how race was a defining legal principal of the state. 3) What are some things in this reading that you would like to discuss further in tutorial? (ie something you found interesting or contentious). - How is theAryan vision that John Aproposed still exist today? - Should parks be named after white supremacists? Elizabeth Comack, “Colonialism Past and Present” (K) This chapter of Racialized Policing, discusses colonialism in Canada's history and in present day. In particular, the arrival if Europeans in Canada to bring wealth and riches to western nations through the elimination or exploitation of others (mainly aboriginal peoples). 1 | P a g e January 17, 2014 Harliv Sarina Singh 212 607 289 Aboriginals were painted as savages and inferior in the past and as welfare recipients, the drunken Indian, and the criminal other in present times.Aboriginal people will be forever be subjected to social exclusion and discrimination as they have been forced to live in substandard situations. This article talks about the North-west Mounted Police and their powers to prosecute, judge, and jail an accused without any record that that they were doing this. Evan today police forces in Canada have been assigned a central role in the management and containment of the problem populations. 1) What surprised you while doing this reading? or What did you not know before? (
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