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Masculinities and Violence

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Julie Dowsett

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Lecture 6  Wednesday October 16, 2013  Masculinities and Violence Part 2: Tough Guise: Violent Masculinity in Action ­ Masculinity is all about playing a role, it is a pose ­ Being a role man is taking on this “black hard guy” type of pose ­ Important part of masculinity is how males demonstrate it? ­ If white males are following this “black gangster” pose, where did these “black males” get their pose?  White Italian men ­ Respect is linked to physical strength ­ “Trench Coat Mafia”  school shooting o We know that they were outsiders that didn’t fit in and victimized by jocks. They weren’t strong and muscular but guns gave them the feeling that they are strong and muscular ­ Before a lot or school shootings occurred within the colored community and was never really publicized, but as soon as we see middle class white men start getting involved with school shootings, the media covers it extensively. Why is this? Because now “normal” boys were getting involved with it ­ We have to take our focus off of ­ We have to confront the fact that men/males are the main perpetrators of violent acts ­ Why are boys acting like this? o Manhood is connect to power, control violence o We see this video games, media etc. but ALSO taught to these kids through the social interactions o From an early age the link between guns and manhood is made clear to young boys ­ You gain respect by disrespecting another person ( we see this in sports) Sexualized Violence ­ Slasher Films – violence, but sexual violence o Boys are actually being sexual attracted and turned on and then right after the females are assaulted o Connection between being sexually turned on from violence ­ Normalization of sexual violence – pornography o Submissive females o Dating violence  This behavior is not genetically programmed  Its from media Invulnerability ­ Boys are also being taught that a real man isn’t only strong physically but also emotionally and that real men don’t need other people, they can make it on their own ­ Marlboro Man – a real man makes it on his own ­ Terrence Real “I Don’t Want To Talk About it” o Males deal with their problems by saying “ I don’t want to talk about it” o Men are never the patients of therapy, we always see females and this is because society lets women seek therapy while males are to shut up o “Big Boys don’t cry” ­ a real man deals with his problems and don’t bother anyone with it but this comes with serious problems  covert depression Vulnerability ­ We need to see more honest portrays of vulnerability ­ It is important for men to see that older men are vulnerable ­ Mark McGwire  broke all these “normals” o Mighty Mark McGwire ­ Full Monty- male vulnerability o It showed men in real life situations who were in fact vulnerable ­ A lot of men and boys feel constrained by these straightjackets that are put on them from the society and media ­ Another ex. Of male vulnerability Christopher Reeve o He became a quadriplegic o “You don’t have to be the man of steel to be a real man” ­ Muhammad Ali o Another example of vulnerability o Well passed his physical prime: he lets people see him with serious physical limitations ­ When people of color are given the chance to say their story we an see growth ­ “Stand and Deliver” ­ Garth Brooks ­ Saving Private Ryan o Overwhelming response o Showed the real pain and suffering of war o There was heroism but also pain anxiety and terror Better Men ­ Our culture has opened up and has become more diverse ­ Anytime the culture opens up also offers the possibility of it being closed up in other aspects ­ We can see the rise of gay bashing  we opened up to gays but we can see that they are being oppressed and victimized ­ Good Will Hunting o Many males responded to this because they were able to relate to this o Mat Damon and Robin Williams o He had to admit that he’s vulnerable and needs other people ­ Boyz in the Hood ­ Ghandi, Martin Luther, Mandela o In stead of responding with violence they responded with peace ­ We have to see courage in a different way (not in the violent way) ­ It means having the guts to support girls and women and speaking out in dating violence ­ It has to be fixed on a personal and institutional level ­ We have to break the monopoly of the media system ­ Man men today are searching for new healthier self respecting ways of being men MASCULINITIES AND VIOLENCE To recognize diversity in masculinities is not enough. We must also recognize the relations between different kinds of masculinity; relations of alliance, dominance and subordination. These relationships are constructed through practices that exclude and include, that intimidate, exploit, and so on. There is a gender politics within masculinity. —R.W. Connell (1944-present) 1. Finish film Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity (United States, 1999) 2. Social Constructivism a. With respect to masculinity b. With respect to physicality, aggression and violence i. We can see that females are punished much more for rough housing as compared to bo
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