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Sept 21 - theoretical approaches

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

THEORETICAL APPROACHESLecture NotesThe law in all its majestic impartiality Canada doesnt have economic forbids both rich and poor alike to laws equal income lawsleep under bridges to beg in the streets and to steal bread Democrats NDP conservative they all work in a liberal Anatole France 18441924democracyan idea about something often ANonFeminist Theoretical deals with abstractions it makes Approaches to the Lawsense of the social and political world Provides a foundation for 1The Role of Theoryactionsawhat theory isLiberalism underline all aspects bwhat theory providesie law 2ConservatismConservative theory Admin Burk reflects on the aancient and contemporary revolution in FrancethinkersConservatives dont believe in equal modern conservatives bon equality inequality and believe you are less equal in hierarchysocial contexts crole of aristocracyhigher Conservatives are often hostile classes to democracy don women and womens Socialist and liberals will critic issuesconservatives 3Contemporary NeoConservatismEach person should live and die to the way they desirearelationship to traditional liberalismconservatismConservatives believe youre beffects of tough on crime born in the class you should be
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