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SOSC 1375 - Law & Everyday Life - LEC 2.doc

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SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

1 SOSC1375 Hard Content: Sep. 18 , 2012 th Is Law and Justice the Same Thing? No. Justice and law might coincide, but it might not (e.g. crime of necessity). Moral Ambiguities and the Law - Is there always one JUST answer in a legal dispute - Dobson vs. Dobson case - Sue Rodriguez o She had ALS (makes you feel like your suffocating) o Was bound to die o She went to supreme court to request a painless death  Asked for court to overturn euthanasia law - Duty of care: Anyone who causes damage to an individual is responsible for it. - *Fetus is not a human until it’s first breath* - Parliamentary Supremacy: Parliament makes all laws & can change them CANADIAN LAW 2 .--------------------'---------------------. | | Substantive Law (real thing) Procedural Law (Statute Law and (Rules/procedures) Case Law) | .-----------------------------------------. | | Public Law(anything to do w/ public) Private or Civil Law | | (w/ people) .----------------------------. | | | | | Criminal Constitutional Administrative | Law Law Law | (diff statues/ (admin of certain procedures) how they apply) | .---------------------------------------. | | | | | Family Contract Tort Property Labour Law Law Law Law Law Definitions: Substantive Law - consists of all laws that set out the rights and obligations of persons. Procedural Law - outlines the steps and procedures involved in protecting and enforcing the rights given under Substantive Law, i.e. the rules of court, etc. Public Law – regulates the relationships between the state and individuals, or between states. Civil Law - regulates the personal relationships between two private parties. Criminal Law – state defined prohibitions with penalties Constitutional Law - Laws establishing the make-up of government and the
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