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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1375
Kerry Taylor

Lecture: 2/28/2013 • Legal geography; what kind of relationship law and geography have? • Law says certain ppl get certain privileges, certain ppl don’t • Connect ppl to spaces • Who comes to York university, what the students look like and how they interact and connect to the place and how the rules affect you as a group • When thinking about geography we often think about human geography but we can also link it to physical geographical environment • Social environment; affect of laws and regulation on a place with ppl in it who interact • Key thing is this idea of space; space as in location • Think about space as having multiple interpretations • Geography and law – focusing on social justice, moving from a formal analysis to a substansive one. How does our legal culture, how is our legal system influenced by our environment (natural or social). • “Justice is to law what space is to geography” • Spacial justice, who gets to be where in our world and how does that effect their lives. • Space, very much like a process, flexible, dynamic creation, human idea • How law changes in “space” • Policing isn’t just done by the police, other actors are in this role (society) • How certain words and terms within law can construct and manage poverty • “poverty is a social problem” – race is a problem as well. • What is adominant discourse around poverty • “disorder, unsafe, dirty, fear, garbage, street litter, offensive, makes us uncomfortable” • “ Poverty and poor are constructed as representing a threat to public order and safety” poor people are constructed as they are not in control to do anything, poor ppl are ppl who need to be controlled and disciplined and fixed by others. Dominant ideas about poverty in the court. • When viewed as less than human then you can be viewed as an object that needs to be managed. • Poverty, individual problem, how it can divide us in society. Spaces should be fenced off, undesirable people should be managed and kept out. It can divert our attention from everyday experiences and realities of human beings. • Black and white categories – dichotomy • Who and what is not seen by law? • Blomly says when we are studying law its really important that we pay attention to the non
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