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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

(FINISHING) SEXUAL VIOLENCE 5. “Slutwalk” Movement and Other Contemporary Developments a. Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide (April 2013) b. SlutWalk (started 2011 at York) c. racism and SlutWalk d. Toronto Life article about York (2013) e. men and NO MORE TRANS MASCULINITIES AND FEMININITIES It is fundamental that individuals have the right to define, and to redefine as their lives unfold, their own gender identities, without regard to chromosomal sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role. —The International Bill of Gender Rights 1. Trans: A Review and Expansion a. cisgendered vs. transgendered b. trans identities as covering a wide variety of experiences c. Leslie Feinberg • Prior to this piece of work the word trans was highly influenced by someone named Virginia Prince. She said that a transsexual person had a surgery and a transgendered has not. But now this idea has become very passer • Feinberg was very influencial is the term transgendered. She called for a political alliance between all people who where marginalized or oppressed because of their differences. Trans was a umbrella term or anyone who was willing to embrace the term as part of their identity. • She is credited with changing our understanding of trans. She refers to she/he as ze • Race in her piece: critique – she is accused of romancing the transgender native. This disrups around understanding of gender, which can raise problems, an article by Jowle and morgan talks about how whites look at other cultures to define the term trans i. in relation to the contemporary meaning of “transgender” ii. as “romancing the trans native”? 2. International Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20th) and Trans Awareness Week ITDR is a day set aside to remember those who were killed because they were trans. As well as a day to raise awareness. This day is required for many reasons such as: • STATES Canada released trans hate crimes report • Hate crime is a crime in which the main motive is hate practiced through Intimidation, harassment, physical violence, threat of physical violnence and harrasement of property against and person or group. • People most common effected by hate crimes are people of colour, jews, muslims and the LGBTQ community • Hate crimes in Toronto have been decreasing nation wide expect for the group of the LGBTQ, particularily hate crimes towards Trans people. • Criminal code prohibits crimes against sexuality but not against gender identity. • Hate crimes in Canada is usually a youth thing, main age group is 12-25 years old whether you are the victim or perpetrated. a. former remembers murdered trans people b. latter calls attention to issues facing trans/trans* people c. hate crimes against LGBTQ community and trans people in particular (sections 318 and 319 of Criminal Code) d. discrimination that dramatically affects trans peoples’ access to basic necessities • Housing, health care, employement and education • Education: in 2011 EGALE released a study that showed that 78% of trans people feel unsafe at school and 44% skipped school because they fear safety. 65% have been verbally harassed and 37% physically harassed or assaulted. 3. A (Brief) History of Trans Jurisprudence • New branch of law • Earliest cases in common law in Canada concerned people that are married and underwent trans related surgery, all this cases came before the legalization of gay marriage, the cases concern whether the marriage continues to be valid after the surgery • Judges feared making same sex marriage legal more then they feared trans bodies • This cases were also really obsessed with surgical bodies and what they had done a. early trans jurisprudence and judicial anxiety about same-sex marriage i. Corbett v. Corbett (UK, 1970) • Its influencial in the UK US, new zeland and canada • Arthur Corbett, april ashely Corbett ( wife) and judge Ormrod • Arthur was a cisgendered man that married a Male to Female Trans Women April • April was issued a card that made her a legal woman • Arthur wanted it to be nolified instead of a divorce, the judge determined that april’s social appearance, indentification and … did not matter to what her gender is • They brought in a lot of medical effidence that stated that gender is based on chromosoms that are Fixed at birth and cannot be changed • The jedge stated that the law does need to respect gender identity
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