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SOSC 1375 Lecture 2-Law and Everyday Life- Legal Consciousness and Law as Narrative.docx

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York University
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SOSC 1375
Kerry Taylor

Law and Everyday Life: Legal Consciousness and Law as Narrative Symbolism of Lady Justice  Sword symbolizes the power of the state  Scale symbolizes balance  Blindfold symbolizes not being able to see any biases  She is a woman because women were seen as intelligent Is Law and Justice the Same Thing?  Justice and law might coincide  But it might not (ex. crime of necessity)  It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong- Voltaire Moral Ambiguities and the Law  Is there always one JUST answer in a legal dispute?  Dobson v. Dobson case  Sue Rodriguez Structure of Courts Supreme Court> Appeal Court>Provincial Court Canadian Law Substantive Law Procedural Law Public Law Private or Civil Law Criminal Law/Constitutional Law/Administrative Family Law/Contract Law/Tort Law/Property Law/ Law Labour Law Definitions Substantive Law: consists of all laws that set out the rights and obligations of persons Procedural Law: outlines the steps and procedures involved in protecting and enforcing the rights given under substantive law Public Law: regulates the relationships between state and individuals or between states Civil Law: regulates the personal relationships between two private parties Criminal Law: state defined prohibitions with penalties Constitutional Law: laws establishing the make-up of government and the division of powers between federal and provincial governments. Administrative Law: governs the activities of administrative agencies of government Family Law: deals with the relationships between in
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