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Miguel Gonzalez

Intro to ID Jan 22 Structural Adjustment and Global Institutions Last Weeks Reading S GeorgeNeed to understand globalization historicallyo Glows of capital laborCan be seen at latest phase in the development of capitalismo She sees globalization as the latest phase of capitalism Earlier we looked at the origins now fast forward to contemporary Globalization technology yes but primarily an economic and sociocultural phenomenon linked to the rise of capitalism worldwideo Rise of expansion of corporationsThis Weeks ReadingsIMFWB some policies they have been pursing in the Third World Connect to current phase of capitalist developmentGlobalizationGiven rise to a new set of economic development policies Tailored to further advance unfolding of corporate led globalizationo Corporations are they key mechanism to support capitalismNeoliberalismMore than an economic doctrine and set of policies Like an ideology Offers a vision of society and of individuals living in itRight and responsibilities of each person Past Two DecadesNeoliberalism had been mainstreamMost accepted implemented consensus worldwide widely accepted by governments and international development institutionsWidely accepted in academia media think tanks In many ways neoliberal thought hegemonic almost common sense went unchallenged for many yearsIn recent years target of gross roots social movements because after 2 decadesof experimentations how have evidence that many of these policies have done more harm than good for countrys development ie human developmentPolicy Makers from Above vs ReactionReaction from belowRole of Reagan and M Thatcher Susan George provides some background Perhaps how first full experiment took pace in Chile mid 1970s inspired by Milton Friedmans thoughtNeoliberalismEuropean political and social philosophy Ideology of the rising bourgeoisie arose along with capitalism Ideology of the needs interests ideas of rising class of capitalist Important for early capitalism
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