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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Soren Frederiksen

Lecture 5 Oct 19 , 2010 Gender & Development - intro: prossignificant changes for women & development - increased income, education gap between girls & boys, rise life expectancy, less birth rate = education, $, modernity. - Participation in politics, increase equality in social life - CONS: still millions of poor women (70% of poor people are women, 850mill are illiterate, 15% politicians are women, laws not always enforced, women face hardship mostly are preventable such as maternal mortality) - Demographic distortions: problem of Son Preference where boys valued over girls= +90million missing women imbalance - Sex: biological differences (obvious distinctions) - Gender: cultural meaning (views) that societies attach to biological differences Gender relations changes: Why is gender an issue? - development policies: gender blind but impact has not been gender neutral; affect men/women differently, but women negatively affected - 1 i.e. government cut back= gender blind where women may suffer more from cutbacks - cultural expectations: women will care for family even thought government/community supposed to help
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