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Globalization From Below Lecture 2/2.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

Globalization from Below -significant groups across the globe that organize in order to presenbt a different vision of globalization…”another world is possible”. It counters the normal corporate led globalization -it is tough and difficult…but not nesc possible. -quite possible and likely citizens can reshape globalization around different values. -what we are observing is an effort to link up grass root organizations…resistance is emerging from diverse points -some started 20-30 years ago planning “run away plans” for factories that moved out of Canada and went to like Mexico…so unions and workers saw themselves affected and tried doing something about it -we saw efforts across borders trying to organize to oppose these free trade agreements. -so you had trade unions, anti sweatshops, child labor, etc Theres been the emergence of indigenous movements across the globe that no longer remain restricted to politics within their nations but have created transnational movements across the globe…. 15:40 Companies started invading indig territories for resources…sacred sites etc needed to be protected. Some of these movements started making alliances with others in the global south and north as people understood that the environmental concerns of others may be linked to the problems of the south…this helped bring enviromentalists etc together with those trying to protect indigenous rights. -theyre identifying commonalities and shared interests…this helps them think in a more global way. Have been able to overcome the dichotomies that used to pit the north vs the south. What many have in common is that they oppose neoliberal globalization…it’s a globalization of solidarity There is a double dimension. They are complex and contradictory. but important. First is what we can call the reactive dimension. And every movement has it. So it is driven by what the movement opposes/does not like….such as the hatred of Mubarak in Egypt. One is the reactive dimension… -it has an “anti dimension”, as explained above -often easier to oppose dictators than to replace
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