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Lecture nov.12, 2013. SOSC1430

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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

Lecture: Nov.12, 2013 I. Colonialism in Latin America II. Colonialism in Latin America - Feudal mercantile colonialism - European goals + advantages III. The process of conquest - Tributary (stratified state) societies - Kin-ordered (egalitarian subsystems) societies IV. Conclusions - Impact of colonialism II. Colonialism in Latin America Colonial powers - Spain + Portugal - Tributary, feudal society - 1500 to 1820s Iberian Goals - Efforts to control trade routes - Concerned with resource extraction: precious minerals- agriculture - Territorial occupation - Spread of Christianity: violence based on religion, conquest parts of Europe from Islamist groups to “save souls of others”, military might + power of the cross. European Advantages - military technology: gun powder, metal amour, use of horses - internal divisions: Spaniards divide + conquer because the societies they conquered were internally divided by civil wars, etc - disease: Europeans carried diseases to which natives had no immunity III. The Process of Conquest - Conquering stratified tributary state societies - similarities between Iberians and Aztecs/Incas - Agrarian: surplus producers (similar technologies) - Complex social systems - Class society- tributary mechanism for surplus appropriation state Spaniards found: - Societies they could understand - Useful labour force: large, trained, disciplines ( subjugated by rulers, trained to accept rule of state, experienced exploitation.
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