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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

SOSC1430: March 4, 2014 Modern farms: - specialized crops - commercial enterprise - wage labour - large inputs of capital - export crops Modern Agriculture - global industrial food system 3 Revolutions: - Industrial revolution in food production - Agriculture is reliant on: industrially produced inputs, industrial processes, science + engineering intensive manufactured inputs - Commercial Revolution - Rise of supermarkets = choice + one step shopping (WalMart) - Industrial Revolution in household food technology - gas + electric stoves, refrigerators - labour- saving foods (microwave-able) - introduced with the rise of two income families - changed the way we think, define, relate to food Canada Food + Drug Act Definition: “ Any article manufactured, sold, or represented for use as food or drink for human beings, chewing gum, or any ingredient that may be mixed with food for any purposes whatsoever.” Agribusiness (1950) Goldberg: - Global integration of food production; food processing and food distribution under the control of TNCs Feature 1 Pre-Production Phase: - genetic research -other industrial inputs - production + distribution of knowledge - Securing financing -legal contracts between producers and buyers Production Phase - farming and harvesting -rural workers, farmers Post Production Phase - food processing -food transportation -advertisements -retailing Feature 2: Chain controlled by large integrated TNCs - vertical integration -control several stages in food chain: might have investment in research, transportation, retail - farming, manufacturing, commerce: integrate economic activities -Agriculture (primary) – farming - Manufacturing (secondary)- inputs + food processing - Commerce ( tertiary/ service)- f
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