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SOSC1430 Urban Poverty and Marginality.docx

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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

March 25, 2014 SOSC1430- Urban Poverty and Marginality Representation of the urban poor - social construction of meanings, images, stereotypes, etc - particular understanding of what it is to be poor and their actions - lead to particular assumptions - construct dispositions They lack... - normal forms of urban behaviours and activities - they cannot integrate into society - consists of uprooted rural migrants - lack necessary urban experience to adapt to urban life - slums operate as ghettos - “culture of poverty”: poor tend to have a set of social values, attributes, and behaviours that reinforce and reproduce conditions of poverty. - Non participants in life of city Marginality -antithesis to integration – opposite to integration - binary distinction between groups that are in the city versus out - modern groups: integrated, insiders, participants - marginal groups: non-integrated, outs
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