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Lecture 3

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1430
Miguel Gonzalez

Into to ID Week 3 Reading Underdevelopment is a State of Mind (227-235)  Development, most simply, is improvement of human well being  Most people today aspire to higher standards if living, longer lives, and few health problems; education for themselves and their children that will increase their earning capacity and leave them more in control of their lives; o A measure of stability and tranquility  There is a enormous gap between rich income countries and poor income countries  There are those who will say that the industrialized countries have done that to low-income countries have not is to exploit the low-income countries; that development is a zero-sum game; that the rich countries are richer because the poor countries are poor  As Western countries took advantage of those they were trying to colonize, they did so to extract and take advantage of their resources o Economic advantage o Example  The US and Latin America  What makes development is our ability: o Imagine o Theorize o Conceptualize o Experiment o Invent o Articulate o Organize o Solve problems o And do a hundred different things with out minds and hands that contribute to progress of the individual and human kind  Natural resources, climate, geography, history, market size, government policies, and many other factors influence the direction and pace of progress o But the engine is HUMAN CREATIVE CAPACITY  The writer of this articles believes, is that the society is the most successful at helping its peoples, and all its people, realize their creative potential is the society that will progress the fastest o It is not just the entrepreneur that creates progress, but all the different people involved, such as the scientist who created the science of the machine, the worker to make improvements, the farmer to grow the raw materials for the final product, and the school teacher to make the interest  Good government can provide a variety of services that facilitate production o Taxation o Support for agricultural prices  Thus, government officials play a key role in economic development  Development does not just include productive human existence, but also social dimension, particularly: o Health o Education o Welfare  It is the government that that bears the responsibility for these sectors, and are the root for social progress  Development must be thought of as a process of millions of small break through than a few monumental innovations  How society encourages the expansion of human creativity caption can be expressed in seven ways: 1. Through creation of an environment in which people expect and receive fair treatment 2. Through an effective and accessible education system: one that provides basic intellectual and vocational tools; nurtures creativity, critical faculties, and equips people to solve problems 3. Through a health system that protects people from diseases that debilitate and kill 4. Through creation of an environment that encourages experimentation and criticism 5. Through create of a environment that helps people both discover their talents and interest and mesh them with the right jobs 6. Through a system that rewards incentives that rew
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