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Lecture 2

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Social Science
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Amar Wahab

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2 • Contestation • In a discussion, there is different mindsets that argue with each other o Productive because you learn something new after the argument • Different definitions of feminism due to diversity, each individual have different experiences • Different kinds of feminism, as well as different differences • Not isolated quarrels • Ask questions o Context  Geography • Nations and regions  Contemporary  Also historical • We learn from past experiences • And how issues have evolved overtime • Might have replicated the same mistakes in the past o Historical  How were the ideas made  Where did they come from?  Are the natural/given? • Intersecting • Interlocking Beginnings th Feminisms in the 20  Century: The Politics of “Difference” • Think about the 19 century and even the 18 century • Women were gaining more rights th • Rude awakening at the end of 18 century o French revolution  Reset the canvas  The knowledge of difference was constructed/produced through time and logic  Overthrew the church  Marie Antoinette  Rise of science, overthrow religion o Industrial revolution  Thanks to the rise of science  Shift from religion to science (i.e.: doctors)  Women’s’ roles were redistributed, entered public space, etc th  Emergence of the first wave feminism • Late 19 century o Liberalism  Karl Marx and Marxism  Liberal doctrine  Free competition, capitalism  causes massive imbalance  Taking labour of working class and turning into profit  Dark sides of capitalism • Beginning of 20 century o Russian revolution o WWI and WWII, especially WWII (1950)  WWII  An attempt to reproduce/recreate liberalism  A way to get freedom  USA liberalism for Canada and the rest of the Western hemisphere  British gave the baton to USA and now USA is a superior nation  Solders come back after the war • USA have to stabil
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