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York University
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SOSC 1502
Barbara Cameron

WMST 1510Sex Gender and Popular CultureAlice WalkerThe Color PurpleFocal point 1 LoveFocal point 2 AfricaWalkers biographyoPlaying with her brothers shot with bibi gun in eyeoLied to her parents about bibi accidentoA lot of responsibility and shame surrounding thisoHer young daughter saw the scar as the EarthNovel was uniqueoComplicated sexualityoShowed African Americans not under slaveryoPeople testify that the book was movingoCritiqued for negative depictions of black masculinity as abusiveFilm 1985 written by Alice Walker Menno MeyjesDirected by Steven SpielbergoCritiqued for eliminating sexual relationship between Celie and ShugoCritiqued for being directed by white male directorMusical 2005LoveBell Hooks defines love as the will to extend ones self for the purpose of nurturing ones own or anothers spiritual growthNot just romantic love but transformative revolutionary actA way out of dysfunctional oppressionsLove as a way of overcoming racism sexism and classismIn the filmoLove with Nettieinnocence femininity Scene interrupted by pregnant body of Celie and dar
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