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Social Science
SOSC 1502
Barbara Cameron

WMST 1510Sex Gender and Popular CultureNo class next week To finish paperExam Sunday April 13 1000 Rexall CentreoPart AIndentify quotes and images that have appeared in course readings and lecturesWrite about 5 of themIdentify artist author or lecturerIdentify contextDiscussion of how and why this quote or image is significant to feminist culturesoPart BEssayRespond to one of three questionsReference and define three relevant concepts that were discussedThree examples of feminist culture excluding the one you used in your final paper that relate to the questionMay reference pop culture materials but only supplementPersepolisAutobiographical story of an Iranian womanEdward Saids theory of OrientalismWestern conceptions of the OrientoWhy when we think of middle east we have preconceived notions of how the people from this area are likeoAbout stereotypingoThe East is the mysterious place with secrets and monstersoCreates an image outside of historyHBO show Homeland
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