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York University
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David Langille

MODR1760D Y13-14 Week 10 Nov 15 Supporting Lecture Materials FALLACIES THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ON THE TEST Fallacies Involving the Person • Personal Attack Fallacies o Abusive ad hominem (Critical Thinking, p. 172; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 73-74) o Circumstantial ad hominem (Critical Thinking, p. 172-173) o Tu Quoque (Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 75-76) • Appeal to emotion (Critical Thinking, p. 176-178) o Mob Appeal o Appeal to Pity o Appeal to Fear, Force or Threat • Poisoning the well (Critical Thinking, p. 174-175) Fallacies that undermine the argumentation process • Begging the question (Critical Thinking, p. 189-191; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 61-62) o General Begging the Question o Question-Begging Epithet o Complex Question or Fallacy of Loaded Presupposition or Fallacy of Loaded Questions • Appeal to ignorance (Critical Thinking, p. 186; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 82-83) • Equivocation (Critical Thinking, p. 190-192; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 79-81) • Red herring (Critical Thinking, p. 192-193; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 78-79) • Straw person (Critical Thinking, p. 193-195; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 59-60) • Genetic (Critical Thinking, p. 194-196) Fallacies of Insufficient Reason • Appeal to Authority: (Critical Thinking, p. 200-201; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 50-54) o One o Many, common practice/popularity (Critical Thinking, p. 197-199; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 77-78), o Select Few o Appeal to Tradition • Generalization Fallacies: o Hasty generalization (Critical Thinking, p. 202; Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, p. 91-93) o Sweeping generalization (not i
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