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Social Science
SOSC 1510
David Langille

SOSC 1510 THEME FOR THE COURSE -- BUILDING A BETTER WORLD I propose that the theme of our class be "Building a Better World" -- in fact, I hope that you will make this your theme for the rest of your working life. Of course I want you to be able to provide for yourself, your family and your community. But work should not be just a means to accumulate more possessions -- more stuff. The biggest problems in the world today are climate change and global economic insecurity and unemployment. The best way to save the world is to change our values -- our criteria of success -- so that we put a higher value on quality of life rather than quantity of goods consumed. Parts of this world are drowning in junk and obesity while other parts of the world go hungry or without housing. And what's really sick, is that such inequality exists right here in our own city, our own province, our own country. So if you really want to save the world -- and save your own skin in the process -- you will get on board with this movement for the common good. It is not something I invented -- it is as old as civilization -- it's about taking care of people -- making sure that everyone has enough to live. It's about fairness and decency -- what we now call equality and human rights. It's about giving people more control over their lives -- what we now call democracy. It's also about taking care of the earth -- what we now call sustainability. There is a good list of things to work on -- equality, democracy, sustainability. We have a lot of work to
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