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Lecture 4

SOSC 1520 Lecture 4: SOSC 1520 March 7 Tut 4

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1520
Glenn Goshulak

SOSC 1520 March 7 Tut: Quiz: “How has the Canadian textile industry adapted to the signing of NAFTA and economic globalization?” “How did working conditions change” Main changes in Canadian garment industry: Whats the logic behind pattern of unemployment? --> You can make them work longer hours with little to no break These immigrant-women are dependent on the male to both provide and sponsor them coming into the country What was another important change? ** --> SUB-CONTRACTING ** -This is far easier in the textile industry, if someone has a sewing machine at home, you don't need to bring people in. -You don't need to pay them a wage, you just sub-contract them on each piece of textile -You don't need to provide the same benefits to workers --> So this is a good way to reduce benefits -Homeworkers will be pay less than minimum wage -no unemployment insurance -no provision overtime -no vacation time -Much harder for workers to organize when you sub-contract to people working at home - Indivi
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