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Neha Patel212925095Tutorial 3David ChinstJuly 21 2014A Closer Look at Physical Therapy in CanadaI want to become a physiotherapist in order to help those in need to recover maintain and improve their physical competences My decision to peruse physiotherapy initially started when after my uncle had be diagnosed with prostate cancer Postsurgery due to extended bed rest my uncle had been unable to execute some forms for physical movement After witnessing my uncle being taught to perform simple tasks such as walking I wanted to help Although my uncle has completely recovered and conquered the cancer my goal to help other in a similar situation Being a selfdirected and clientfocused profession physiotherapy aims to improve the quality of life by restoring enhancing and maintaining bodily functions through physiological therapeutic intrusions 2012 Description of Physiotherapy in Canada 2012 There are numerous methods physiotherapists follow in order to improve the quality of life Some include promoting optimal motility physical activity and overall health wellness preventing disease injury and disability managing acute and chronic conditions activity limitations and participating restrictions improving and maintaining optimal functional independence and physical performance rehabilitating injury and side effects of disease with therapeutic interventions and lastly educating and planning maintenance support programs to prevent the reoccurrence of injury and or functional decline 2012 Description of Physiotherapy in Canada 2012 1
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