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Elizabeth Brule

1Lecture 4Feminist Histography and the Multiplicity of First Nations Womens Gender Roles Stasiuliss article on Feminist Intersectional Theorizing draws our attention to four ways of explaining the persistence of the race as a way to differentiate and discriminate among people even long after the scientific validity of such claims have been refutedShe argues First race provides a commonsense way of seeing and interpreting the worldSecond race is a means to excluded dominate and exploit others and to rationalize forms of racial powerThird race evokes a physical psychosexual set of responsesFourth race is an empowering form of identity and subjectivity Stasiulis 31 All four work to produce what is known as racialization or the social process of categorizing people based on their racial features It is important to see how each of these explanations provide a partial understanding in terms of the persistence of race as a category but also how each interconnect in terms of the social construction and organization of gender sexuality and class Racial Common Senseth First as far back as the 17 century physical and anatomical racial differences to differentiate one group from anotherPhysical features were first used to define others in terms of religions that were different from Christianity
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