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Sociological Imagination and Political Economy Lecture Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1800
Shirley Ramsarran

May 21 2013 Globalization is an important concept wants us to relate issues elsewhere to issues here locally thinking of children in general as one group whatever happens globally is also happening locallySociological ImaginationUnderstand it as an instrument or a toolIts a different way of thinking of making connections3 questionso 1 What is the structure of our society as a whole o 2 Where does this society stand in human history o 3 What varieties of children now prevail in this society and in this periodWhat is sociological imagination He highlighted fact that if you have a problem whatever is happening you have to have ability to see to make connection from what is happening to you in privately to the larger society as a wholegrander scheme use these concepts when writing papers on testsYou the individual the private personwhatever is happening to you is a private problemYou have to have ability when you use your sociological imagination you can see what is happening in that society youre living in o Example issue of going through divorcemay feel failure sad frustration depression liberated o Mills doesnt want you to think like this hed say look to society to see what is causing the divorce rate to increase o Examples of this are recessionfinancial stress lots of people break
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