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'The Liberal Media' Movie Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1800
Shirley Ramsarran

May 30, 2013 The Liberal Media (Movie)  The idea of liberal media is a commonly held belief  Media influenced by wealthy…. (Conservative, businesses..)  Are the media too liberal? o Talk of media being biased in last election  Liberals argue: to do this you’d look at messages of the media and look for liberal bias  Are the media by their institutional structure free to allow whatever opinion from whatever source?  Number of flaws – media owners, advertisers, journalists, etc. are held responsible in some factors for the news reported o Influenced by conservative elites o Heavily influenced by who owns media, kinds of sources used, advertisers, etc. The Filters: The Ownership filter  Corporations – huge constitutions of private power  When we speak of media owners we’re talking about wealthy people, Interlocking directorships with many other corps.  Often don’t intervene in a gross way – companies can say things like “remember you work for ____”  “When you are the monopoly supplier, you are inclined to dictate”  Policies and personnel change to reflect the owner’s conservative biases  Conrad Black control 50% of newspapers in Canada, about 100 American newspapers  TCI control share of cable market – significant portion  In media organizations, power rests with owners, not journalists The advertising Filter:  Person who pays is advertising o magazines get 50 %, news 80%, TV close to 100% of their $$ from advertising o Whoever pays exercises most control  $170 corps pay billions a year for advertising  Auto industry about 25% of advertising o Chrysler, 940$ billion on advertising/year o Censorship – pull articles they don’t like The News Makers Filter:  Sourcing: media rely on regular news  Media locate reporters with regular beats to these primary news sources  If there’s some source that gives our news every day, or regularly, and they’re credible., you don’t have to wonder if it’s true or false, , it’s very economical The News Shapers Filter  Journalists not supposed to express their opinions, that’s on editorial pages  Journalists do express opinions but not in their own words o Quote expert
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