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Lecture Notes Chapter 7

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1800
Shirley Ramsarran

June 11, 2013 Lecture Notes – Chapter 7  Canada is a posy industrial society – main sources of innovation are derived from production of ideas not production of goods  Prior to this Canada had manufacture based, produced items  Moved away from this, into service sector economy now o Blue collar jobs – Tim Horton’s o People serving in jobs – service based economy  Exponential growth in service based economy, includes professional technically class o Includes internet o Doctors, lawyers, o People providing service rather than building something  Manufacturing refers to building (i.e. cars or something)  Why has this happened? Globalization o Outsourcing to other parts of the world o As we do this, we’re outsourcing production of goods and jobs o Labour market increasingly high unemployment o Increase in attendance in university – practically a rite of passage now o This picture only captures half of labour market  Fabrication of labour market reality  Dialectic of knowledge high  If we have professional jobs on one side, what happens to the jobs on the other side? o Other side of this economy are mac jobs – low pay, low status, no benefits, Tim Horton’s jobs, part time jobs – increasingly, companies are moving toward part- time employment because they don’t have to pay benefits  Decline of union movement  Heavily declining in US, coming here too  Increasingly many workers working without collective agreement – at risk of being fired at any time, nothing you can do about it  Sales and service 26% of Canada  Working in a service sector means instability and inequality  Some would like to believe this trend has reversed itself but it has not in Canada  Many people who come out of university right now have lots of competition – youth unemployment is currently highest in country  Volunteer experience  Economic gains in western Canada, especially Alberta, Ontario used to have manufacturing base, no longer. o With manufacturing base comes unionized employment o Decline and backlash to union o As much as you might not like unions, they’re there for a reason o Alberta is a good place to move – high paying jobs, large number of jobs available  What impact has Ontario losing their manufacturing base had on families (parents providing for their children)? o Many people losing houses, standard of living, had to be retrained for new position making less money o Serious implications for family as well as how children were socialized o Impacts how you can provide for your children and family  Social, political, economic argument is that men are not affected as much as women  There is an increase of women participating in the labour force, this increase is affected by childcare o Hard for families to survive on one income now o Young mothers are increasingly entering work force, casual labor, part time o Many women experiencing high level of emotional stress and emotional problems – has to jump into labour force, double day double shift, has to come home and take ca
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