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Lecture 2

Winter week 2

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Social Science
SOSC 1800
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Print • Books, newspapers, magazines. • Printing is the process of reproducing texts and images. • 1439- Gutenberg printing press. Watch "the machine that made us". ◦ First book ever made was the Bible in Latin (Gutenberg bible) ◦ Then made political pamphlets, law texts, stock market info, commercial trade info. ◦ Opened gateway for education, school, let's students learn accordingly. ◦ Notions of individuality came from this. Books to mirror oneself. ◦ From world literature to women's literature to Children's literature ◦ Printing was not limited to Germany alone, after colonialism, printing became worldwide. Printculture • Brought added dynamism to renaissance • Impulse to the scientific revolution ◦ Now able to reference scholarly sources • Print forged European modernity • The invention of the printing press created a certain standardization. ◦ When you have a standards, you are then able to get individualizations. • Cultural industries that produced books, pamphlets, magazines, all emerged. • Education emerged, improved it a lot I with books. Provided a basis for standard teaching. • Development of modern journalism. • Idea that the machine (printing press) is an agent of social change. Storyofjournalism • Daniel dufault was the first journalist. • Word journalism comes from daily literature • Lead to the development of the modern newspaper. • Fourth estate is the press. • So western politics has much to do with the history of news paper and print. High impact. • Public sphere: between government and private sphere. *** important. • Imagined community: idea by Benedict Anderson where many people are within the same community because they are usin
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