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Lecture 3

Winter week 3

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1800

Topic: Childhood and the media * really know these two articles well. Media • "Medi" terra, media is the plural of medium. Means "in the middle" • A distinction between processand object. ◦ Media is understood as an object and not a process today. • Media studies is only a sub field of communication studies. Communication studies is very large. • Communicationunderstandings get mixed up with understandings of transportation ◦ Post 17th century, have a shift from communication to transportation to information. ◦ Three main models: transmission model, cultural model, constructivist model ‣ Transmission model has a sender, a message, and a receiver. In this process, something always changes (like a broken telephone). Medium of transmission can change the message too. ‣ Cultural model attempt (by Stewart Hall) to do justice in the process of communication by devising the terms encodingand decoding. ‣ Encodingallows a messages to be delivered in a manner that cannot be simply interpreted in a "black and white" manner. ‣ Decodingreceiver will be actively engaged in decoding the message, no longer a passive receiver. ‣ Constructivist model goes back to performance theory, informs Stewart Halls model. • 6 aspects of communication: ◦ Social ◦ Political ◦ Economic ◦ Educational ◦ Cultural ◦ Technology • Harold Innis - a scholar at uoft to
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