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SOSC 1801 course outline 2013

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Social Science
SOSC 1801
Jon Johnson

Student Evaluation Assignments Weight Length Due Date Essay topic meeting Not graded 1 page Sep. 17 th – Oct. 28 th Research evaluation 15% 5.5 pages Nov. 11 th Essay – first draft 15% 5 pages Jan. 20 th Essay – final draft 20% 9 pages Mar. 10 th Note: Detailed assignment instructions will also be handed out in lecture on the dates indicated in the course schedule. Exams and Participation Weight Due Date Midterm Test – short and long answer 15% Dec. 2 nd, 2012 Final Test – short and long answer 15% Mar. 31 st, 2013 Participation 20% Ongoing Grading The following is York University’s grading scale for all course work: A+ (90-100) – exceptional A (80-89) – excellent B+ (75-79) – very good B (70-74) – good C+ (65-69) – competent C (60-64) – fairly competent D+ (55-59) – passing D (50-54) – barely passing E (40-49) – marginally failing F (0-39) – failing If a student feels that their grade is not a fair assessment of their work, they are encouraged to meet with their teaching assistant about their concerns. Prior to that meeting (which should occur about one week after you received the grade and no later than 3 weeks after receiving the grade), the student must review assignment instructions, the assignment itself, as well as their TA’s comments (either written on your paper or stated in person) and then fill out a grade appeal form, available on the ‘Handouts’ page of the course website. If the student can provide a convincing rationale for a higher grade, their teaching assistant may change the grade accordingly. Meeting about a grade does not guarantee a higher grade – all grade changes must be justified. If the student remains unsatisfied with their grade after their meeting with their TA, the student may schedule a meeting with the professor. The student must bring their grade appeal form bearing the signature of their TA to the meeting with the professor. Submitting Assignments and Late Penalties Printed AND digital copies of all assignments are due in lecture on the date specified in the lecture schedule, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Printed assignments are to be submitted directly to your teaching assistant. Digital copies must be submitted via the form located on the ‘Assignment Submission’ page of the course website. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their teaching assistant receives printed and digital copies of their assignments. Late assignments will receive a penalty of 2% per day of lateness. No assignment will be accepted for grading if it is over three weeks (21 days) late. Whether the assignment is submitted in person or via proxy, it is always the student’s responsibility to ensure that their assignment has been received. Note: Always keep an electronic copy and a printed hard-copy of all assignments. Furthermore, keep all research notes and draft-work related to graded assignments. This ensures that, in the event of a computer crash or misplaced assignment, that you can still re-submit the assignment if necessary. 3eedback on Draft Assignments Teaching assistants can (as time permits) quickly review a sample of your work and provide feedback prior to the student submitting the assignment for grading. However the following conditions apply: 1. Samples cannot exceed 2 pages in length 2. Samples must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the assignment due date 3. Samples can only be read during your TA’s office hours 4. Samples will not be provided with a grade (hypothetical or otherwise) 5. Receiving feedback on your work does not guarantee you will receive a high grade Rewrites In exceptional cases, students may be g
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