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Sosc 1880 January 24th 2013

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1880
Anna Pratt

thSOSC 1880 January 24 2013Domestic Work paidunpaid productive or reproductive labourDomestic labour can be defined as socially on labour which is the second shift of labour required in order to keep the capitalistic economic system vialble it indliuces house work both inorders and out dorors child and elderly care Domestic labour can be defined as a socially reproductive labour which is the second shift of labour required in order to keep the capitalistic economic system viable It includes house work both indoors and out child and elder care and meal preparation just to list a few of the many tasks Industrialization resulted in men specializing in paid public work and women in unpaid private work This separation of public and private work created a gendered division of labour This separation also resulted in the transformation of domestic life from a communal village style and to isolated privatized style Housework as work becomes invisible for 2 reasons One in a world ruled by money unpaid work is meaningless Two this work is done largely in the privacy of homes it is unseen This means that this work has the tendency to disappear and homemakers are classified as not in the labour force so their economic contribution is negated Since the industrial revolution resulted in the structural separation of the home economy from the public economy then some try to define housework as outside of capitalist production Why The employer does not care about how Labour power is produced and sustained Rather they care about its availability consequently capitalism presupposes a group of exploitable workers and a group producing these marginalized workers One of the most closely guarded secrets of advanced capitalist societies involves the real possibility of radically transforming the nature of housework A substantial portion of domestic tasks can actually be incorporated into the industrial economy In other words housework need no longer be considered primarily private in character For example teams of trained fairly paid workers moving from dwelling to dwelling operating technologically advanced cleaning machinery could swiftly and efficiently complete much housework that is currently carried out both arduously and inefficiently Because the capitalist economy is structurally hostile to the industrialization of housework Socialized housework implies government subsidies in order to guarantee accessibility in order to guarantee accessibility to the working class families whose need for such services most obvious Since little in the way of profits would result industrialized housework like all unprofitable enterprises is an affront to a capitalist economyNonetheless the rapid expansion of the female labour force means that more and more women are finding it increasingly difficult to excel as housewives according to traditional standards
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