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SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

SOSC1210 - Heterosexism: Gays and Lesbians (A Case Study) - Wednesday, February 2, 2012 • Challenged dominant groups idea that heterosexuality is the only moral form of human sexuality • When this assertion is made, it other, gays, lesbians, bisexual, trasngender • What these ideas do is they start to single out people who don’t conform to what the dominant group says is natural • Establishes bi-polar, hetero normal world • LGBTQ community • Stigma in social science is a concept that refers to concept of deep discreditation • Once labels are imposed, people become branded, that brand says that they’re less than human, and anti-human, and can become socially outcast • Stigmatized attributes provide rationales for treating the population different • Stigmatized attributes help authorities deny basic human rights • Sexual orientation is a stigmatized attribute, it’s both sexual and affectional preference or same sex relationship • One of the commonly held idea about queer relationships is they’re different from heterosexual relationships because they lack affection - hetero normative myth • discredited stigma, that’s one that is known, and it can be a discreditable stigma, when a stigma is not immediately obvious but can lead to discrimination • stigma by association, where by associating with someone who is or perceived to be lgbtq, you can be stigmatized as well • homophobia, the irrtiational fear and hatred of homosexuals based on the myths that are held about this group • biphobia and transphobia • 3 very common myths about sexuality, that gay men and lesbians are obsessed with sex, the idea that gays and elsbian recruit other people to homosexuality, and the idea that they’re child molesters • more myths: notion that gay men are effeminate, lesbians are more masculine, homosexuality is unnatural, the idea that anything other than heterosexuality is an illness, the idea that lesbians hate men • pose a threat to moral and psyhical well being • discrimination from these myths are cruel, rationalized by the beliefs that they are less than human or anti-human • heterosexism, it validates one population and it invalidates all others who express their sexuality in something that differs from the tradition heteroseuxal model SOSC1210 - Heterosexism: Gays and Lesbians (A Case Study) - Wednesday, February 2, 2012 • heterosexism, belief that heterosexuality is natural and moral, all other sexualities are immoral and unnatural • Persecution • gays and lesbians and broder community have been the object of genocide • in the 16th century, considered to be heretical (someting against god), and were often burned at the stake • this is where term faggot came from, stick used to burn group to death • in the early 20th century, nazi’s, once found out abut sexuality, were forced to where pink triangles, sent to concentration camps and gased • many instants of hate crimes, gay bashing and bullying • a lot of this takes place in there own communities • same thing happened to racialized minorites, technique of domination • from statstics canada hate crimes were up generally in year 2008, largest increase in hate crimes were based on sexual orientation, and these numbers more than doubled • 85% of the victimes against hate crimes of sexuality minoirty were mail • study by EGALE, found 45% of LGBTQ youths were harrassed at school Systemic Discrimination • this community subjected to criminalization, people could be convicted for sexual behavior that went on between consenting adults • late 40’s to late 70’s, gays and lesbians were forced into forced psychiatric treatments forced on the belief that they were ill • a myth was that homosexuality was a mental il
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