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Nov 28- Changes Affecting Refugees and Immigrants.docx

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

The “Secret Trial Five” Canada has 5 men in custody who came from countries that supposedly torture in their prisons (Amnesty). Canada wanted to deport them back, but they decide that they won’t. Canada then decided (the supreme court) that they will deport back to torturous countries with exception. All but one was released from the Kingston penetentary. The dominant group sees these refugees as threats to Canadians. Refugees are stopped from leaving a safe third world country. Refugees have to make claims from their home country so that they are stopped before they come to Canada. Canada’s refugee policy has the same criteria as for immigrants. Interdiction- refugees have to give documents in order to have permanent residence. If you do not, you have to wait five years until you can get this. Based on the assumption that ppl w.out identification papers abuse the system or they pose a threat b.c they aren’t who they say they are. For most refugees, these documents are almost impossible to produce b.c they are fleeing. Freedom of movement is supposed to be a universal human right, BUT refugees do not have the freedom. The Minister of the Public –Bil c64- prevent smugglers from abusing canada’s immigration act. This was when the tamil refugees arrived in Vancouver. This is different from human trafficking laws. Make these refugees pay a huge amount. The anti-smugguling policies are more harsh to the victims and refugees. Punishes the refugees for the sins of the smugglers. Contoversy: this bill is unconstitutional. The bill has been reintroduced as bill c-4. It is tough on crime, but it punishes refugees. Dominant discourse: Canadians have something to fear from refugees. These policies systemically discriminate. Mostly discriminate women, the poor, and people of colour. Asylum seekers need protection from canada’s refug
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