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The Model of Heterosexism

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

Heterosexism Sexualized MinoritiesWhats in a nameHeteronormative linesQueerhomosexualqueerLGBTQ lesbian gay bi trans queersexualized minoritiesdiversity inclusivityIn any HR analysis always beware of overgeneralization of group characteristics experiences and needs for redressJust because they all fall into one group it doesnt mean they all have the same needsBattle for rights is long term educationovercome fear1 Stigmatization and stigma by associationStigma deep discreditation comes from a label then people are brandedStigmatization is a phenomenon of deep discreditation When a discrediting label is opposed upon people that person is then assumed to be someone with that negative attribute The stigma is like a brand Brand people as less than human antihuman and as a social outcast A stigmatized attribute provides social authorities with the rational for treating a population differently and not giving them human rights Attribute sexual AND affectional preferencesWhen looking at sexuality the stigmatized attribute is the sexual orientationThis minority group has relationships based on sex and affectionIf we neglect the affection we are reproducing the idea that LGBT people do not belong in familiesHuge stereotypeStigma does not have to be known A stigma can be discredited or discreditable A discredited stigma is known and identifiable A discreditable stigma is not known but will lead to discrimination if it was known People are doing investigations into who you are based on that private information Stigma by associationIf you hang out with someone who is LGBT you have a chance of being stigmatized as well
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