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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 1) Civil Liberties a) right to due process of law b) right to dissent – freedom of speech, expression & assembly etc. c) right to security of the person d) right to personal privacy 2) National Security a) external threats b) internal thr

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lecture Wednesday October 28 2009 Civil LibertiesNational Security1 Civil Libertiesa right to due process of lawb right to dissentfreedom of speech expressionassembly etcc right to security of the persond right to personal privacy2 National Securitya external threatsb internal threats3 National Security as an invalidation ideology4 Case Studies in Civil LibertiesNational Securitya Japanese Canadiansb ArabMuslim Canadians1 Civil LibertiesCitizenship broader right to belong contribute benefit equally in Canadian societyBeing a part of a whole even if membership in other culturesWe have obligation to engage civil our differences peacefullyrespectively no force Canada dont have right to bear arm or use violenceforce in protestCivil liberties divided into 2oRight to participateto vote elections to vote in participate in political decision making processoRight to self determinationfree from govt control of life aspectsPolitical occupy prominent place in charter litigation associationChartershield against govt but not as a sword to provoke govtMuch more to do with lives than just national securityoIntegritydignityGovtgovt actorslimits beyond govt cannot goErtha Wilson fence around each person where govt cant go Right to due process consist in part of lawfully enacting legislationoRule of lawoApplying law within its limitsoFairness of processPolitical right combination with economic rights indivisible rights issue of dignityintegrityoRight to dissentdiffer moremore constrained by govtoRight to freedom of speech assemblyassociationoFreedom to pressoRight to security of person right not to be arbitrarily detained searched fair trial as power against governmentoPersonal privacy without personal information used publicly oRight to be heardoRight to ownership of personal informationPrivacy of poor vs people not in need of social assistanceWomen of social assistance no privacy
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