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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Dimensions of Racism 1) The social construction of “race” 2) Invalidation ideology social Darwinism 3) Racism in the colonial context a) - brief history of colonization contact period - market period (negotiation and partnerships Royal

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lecture Wednesday November 4 2009 Dimensions of Racism1 The social construction of race2 Invalidation ideology social Darwinism3 Racism in the colonial contextabrief history of colonization contact period market period negotiation and partnerships Royal Proclamation 1763conflict period control of land establishment of reservesbmodel dominant groupminority relations during conflict periodcolonialismracism in the paternalistic context Film Duncan Campbell Scott The Poet and The Indians1 The social construction of raceDeny flawsmistakesdismiss it like no significanceIf its not your issue its not an issueRace not valid biological concept refers to an arbitrary classifications of human population using biological and genetic differencesDr Marks Yale biologist race has no biological reality human species doesnt come packaged that waySocially created concept connect biologybehaviorKallencontinues to be used in racist ideology biology determines temperament moralityoRole of women seniors etcRacesocial role behavior fit to dosocial spaceRace consist of set of beliefs set of roles andor set of practicesHierarchy based on human race the lighte
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