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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Racism Control of Opportunities 1) Follow up on control of land 2) Control of opportunities & its long-term impact a) Slavery b) Disenfranchisement c) Education d) Employment & wage inequity

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 tutoriallectureWednesday thJanuary 20 2010Tutorial Lecture recapMain technique of dominationland controlDifferent minority groups had different things to do head tax after railroad different opportunities for majorityCreated racial hierarchy through economic marginalization500 back thena househead taxstPig houseplaced all Chinese immigrants when 1 arrived screening look for lice can get out faster if bribe guardsIn legislation there is no ChineseIf Chinese left for more than 2 years cant returnCant vote cant enter city buildings ChinatownCant stop during journeys or else cant comeInability to adapt to Northern weatherPoint system males priorityRestricted covenantscant sell property to certain people specifically JewsWolfe v Nobletrying to buy land from Wolfe cant buy from Jew bloodBalancing of rights more protection if entrenched but at this time not entrenchedSwitching from overt to covertExpropriationgovt can take away land from you law says must give fair value slumslaw Chinese Canadians tried to get reparations Racism Control of Opportunities 1 Follow up on control of land2 Control of opportunitiesits longterm impactaSlaverybDisenfranchisementcEducationdEmploymentwage inequity1 Follow up on control of landModern day equivalence relates to our borders who can comego with ease or difficultyoPhenomenon FWAFWMfly while ArabMuslim racialize our airlinesoPhenomenon DWBdrive while Black police policies racialize black male at any ageRacialized our borders streets roadsGlobalized worldintl tradebusneed to traveloNo fly listharassment at bordersoNot really CanadianotheredoUnsure if its Canadian or US list used no info on it or where it came fromoNothing about implications about not being able to flyoInaccurate list names misspelledoResult racial profiling without accurate evidence2 Control of opportunitiesits longterm periodNot being able to travel affect employment opportunities
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