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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Addressing Racism: Canadian Challenges 1) How has law dealt with racism? Cases: Wing, Clun, Phillips, Christie, Desmond, Narine, Singh, Parks, Williams, R.D.S, Brown & Ahmed 2) “Official” strategy for change multiculturalism & pluralism 3)

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 tutoriallectureWednesday thJanuary 27 2010Tutorial Not handing in researchPopulation in courseCanadian minority perspectivesCanadian materialHuman rights frameworkapplicable concepts from course within thesisst1see course syllabus3 scholarly articles make sure interconnectedMLA or APA include page Last LectureOpportunitiesracialized minorities paid less than whitesthDifferential access to jobswages have roots in 19 century BlacksChineseOnce it becomes systemic difficult to reverseOver years systemic discrimination perpetuated resultGap most evident among university educated at 146those without 20 differential rateoMajority with education make mostoMinority with education make lessoThese are access to job issuesAddressing Racism Canadian Challenges1 How has law dealt with racism Cases Wing Clun Phillips Christie Desmond Narine Singh Parks Williams RDS BrownAhmed2 Official strategy for change multiculturalismpluralism3 Education1 How has law dealt with racism Canada relies on presumptions between CanadaUS are raceless but most apparent in casesWingChallenge to labor law was discriminatory but constitutional as long as within provincial jurisdictionLost case 19141924 Saskatchewan removed racist language Japaneseother OrientalsAct was no longer racializedExpected discrimination to continue in practice even though language removedClun10 years later Regina got license to employ white womenChinese Exclusion Actnot enough ChineseBrought applicationcity counsel refused but woncourt offended Saskatchewan legislatureChanged legislation so license Court ordered given to Clun revoked start taxing harderPhillipsExample how courts deracialize a caseMob of men women taken to her mother than salvation armyKKK abducted a women in house with man of color threatened manPolice focused on abduction of white womennot Mr Johnsonburning of cross on his house ignored the fact of KKKdidnt deal with racist facts
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