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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Heterosexism: Gays and Lesbians 1. Stigmatization and stigma by association 2. Heterosexism and homophobia: invalidation myth ideologies 3. Forms of discrimination o Persecution o Systemic discrimination Criminalization: passin

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

Heterosexism Gays and Lesbians SOSC 1210 Feb 3101 Stigmatization and stigma by association 2 Heterosexism and homophobia invalidation mythideologies 3 Forms of discrimination o Persecutiono Systemic discrimination Criminalization passing and the closet the impact of the double life syndromeThe educationsystemDominant group in effect others not only gays and lesbians but also to transgendered people Dominant group says that anyone who does not conform to what they do is unnatural its a bipolar world divided into males and femalesNot just gays and lesbians that have been otheredArgue in claiming those rights and winning them what has happened is that it has begun to broaden our understanding of sexuality and the legitimate ways in which it can be expressedStigmatization Stigmatization concept that refers to the phenomenon of deep discreditizationDerives from the discrediting label imposed on the ppl assumed to be the barer of the negative evaluated attributeOnce imposed the label grants the person as less than human anti human a social outcastLike inferior sex attribute they provide social authorities with racializations for treating the population differently there by denying them HRLogic of dominant group if your not fully human your not entitled to human rightsInferior attributes are socially constructedStigmatized attribute is sexual orientation in the case of homosexualityThis refers to the sexual and affectional preference for same sex relations Myth homosexuals are unlike heterosexuals because they lack the affectionate aspect thus are less valid bc they do not produce a social support s
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