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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Strategies for change: Women – the claim for categorical rights 1) Changes in the public sphere a) Job qualifications and postings b) Pay equity c) Employment equity law d) Sexual harassment law Results of the fight against systemic discr

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

1210Wednesday March 10 2010Paternalismpatriarchy ageism Assumption inferior Invalidation mythsweaker slower less productive Invalidation ideologyageism disengagement theory Policyrelegation to the private sphere retirement institutionalization Outcome created dependency on the state class based systemic inequality May be differences in ethnoculture groups way seniors dealt with can betterworse for them in terms of quality of lifePatriarchy and Senior Citizens 1 Definition of ageismNot just targeted at 65 will use it for this lectureStereotypingdiscrimination against people on basis of age o It does not refer solely refer to those old dont restrict to older ages can be young as well o Any age person can engage in it children young middle aged to oldCategory itself engages in ageismminorityo Evidence that majority or dominant groups stereotype have become adopted by minority members as selfdefinition o Like other stereotypes based on least desirable attributes small proportion of population in questionStereotypesmasking the differencesAgeismdifferent to other isms most ageists will in fact grow old themselveso Roburgh suggests condemning themselves to an imagined fate o Other isms seem socially unacceptable but ageism doesWe advocate old should retire to make room for young intergenerational conflicto Like other conflictscompetitions it is over resourcesjobs thsto Much of latter half of 20 centurybeginning of 21 issue of competing rightsrights of old to remain in labour forceright of younger workers to jobs often passed in that light it isnt really the case o Possible eco circumstances downsize old but not replaced wyoung occurred twice in Canadaa jobless recovery On avg men live till 77women 84 phenomenon 1 medical improvement 2 standard of living 3 lower birth rate o For some cultures advanced agewisdom value old citizenselders like First Nationso Not all societies are as discouraging of
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