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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lectureWednesday September 16 2009TutorialIdeals we strive for in Universal Declaration of RightsMoral guidelines only binding in states once incorporatedHuman rightsthe international level1backgroundfundamental principles2individual rightsthe international levelproblematic distinctionsa politicalcivil rightsb economic rightsc social rights3collective rightsa ethnoculturalethnoreligious rightsb right to self determination of a peoples4categorical rights human rights try to achieve social equalityjusticeUN critical to world not only peaceEg Steven Woods CDN ambassador mobilize to fight AIDS AfricaCDN citizens forward human right laws govt dodont sometimesHuman rights viewed as countrys own policyTargets of NAZI genocidesRoma ppl gay lesbian disabilitiesNo atroicites compared to 1945 intl bill of rights developedmoral principles set down as UDHRUNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTShuman rights are universal central themeuniversality to all sex color nationality etcstUDHR known as intl bill of human right1 pieceDocuments considered to constitute have to include all the following in analysis BilloUDHR adopted 1948oIntl covenant on socialcultural rightsoIntl covenant on civilpolitical rightsoAbolishing death penaltySubsequent documentsoDisabled children women racialized ethno culturalreligious refugeesoRefined clarified improved to protect minority bc normal rights cant serve specific needsoUN covenant try to address women have diffential accessoHuman rights understanding evolve continue challenge opposition1 govt struggle to keep power internal threat2 govt struggle to keep power external threateg US vs Guantanamo Bay rationalized US under threat by terrorists violation of human rights ethnic cleansing Rwanda Serbia Darfour in Sudan atrocities existcurrentPut human rights into own legal schemeHuman rights are declaration of normsstandards try to incorporate into own law
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