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Lecture 2

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lecture Wednesday September 23 2009 Human Rights in the Canadian ContextPreface DemocracyHuman Rights1 The Conversion of human rights principles into law in Canada2 Human rights the translation processa constitutional rightsb human rights codesc ordinary statusKey Character Social Democracy Freedom Participate in decisionsFair share in economic systemSafety netSense of belongingPoliticalsocial citizenship Began with 1215 Magna CartaRule of lawhad monarchyput constraints on his power giving citizens controlth17 centuryoEstablished supremacy of parliament over crownoBegan govt practiceoRepresentative govt or govt by consent of governorproducing more equality First time there was constraint on monarch then aristocracyLaws must be inactive according to known rulesEveryone subject to law including monarch oNo one is above lawoMore equalit
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