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Lecture 3

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lecture Wednesday September 30 2009 Missed points from last lecturefundamental freedomfreedoms we have to the statepolitical rightdemocratic rights political rightCanadas rights are very divisible political are bedrock of all rightsKey concepts in the creation of minoritiesIntro the social creation of minority status1 definitions of minoritymajoritydominant groups2 labelingstereotypes3 invalidation mythsideologies4 discriminationHR violations forms of discriminationa individualb institutional c structuralsystemic 5 the relationship of prejudice to discrimination6 otheringthe selffulfilling prophecy7 outcome socially constructed minority statusgroup disadvantage marginality or created dependencyIntroductionHuman process dynamicNot wholly constrained by physical laws imagined law can have real effectSocial construction of reality put interpretation of reality may or may not be true in absolute senseInterpretation explanation definitionmake sense of worldbecome guidelines respond to whats going onSocial constructiondefinitiondirectionform ba
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