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Lecture 4

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

AP SOSC 1210 lecture Wednesday October 21 2009 SocioEconomic RightsKey concepts substantive equality remedying groupcategoricalindividual inequalityPreface competing world views about socioeconomic rights1 International protectioncovenant on economical socialpolitical rights Limburg principlesMaastricht guidelines2 Canadian situationa evidence of poverty in Canadab invalidating mythsc forms of discriminationi omissionlawneglectii discrimination of silenceiii commission differential rightsdiminution3 systemic discriminationpolicy decisions View socioeconomic rights not right at allInterfere with free market operationcapitalismKeep govt away dont regulate market provide all wantneedsEg US healthcareoState funded vs insurance fundedoDont take into account cant afford for private healthcareArgue market mechanism are inherently unfair unequal relationsWill create huge debts in incomesAt international level there is huge gap rich vs pooroTop 20 rich received 25 of global incomeoBottom 20 poor received 14 of global incomeProduce high level economic inequalityHigh unemployment cant find jobs to sustain selfStructural inadequacyoState must have meaningful safety netoState must have ability to sustain powersoOr else huge disparity eg France prior revolutionGovt need protect citizens have to enact laws to ensure protection existAfter 1986 Limburg principlesMaastricht guidelines placed to make bearable but to fullest extent with states economic needoHealthcareoEducationoFoodoshelterhomelessfood bankshuman right violationunsafe working environment failure to support wage bargainingminimum wage that cant begin to sustain lifehuman right violationstates make sure rights protectedtry to make progress to greater equality or social conditionsso all experience full citizenshipdemocracy goal
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