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Lecture 10

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Dorathy Moore

Addressing Heterosexism A Canadian case study Feb1010SOSC 12101 Developing a legal strategy individual rights the charter courts and human rights codes 2 Yogyakarta principles 3 Continuing issues a Reentering the closet b The deep pocket of government Film Politics of the Heart 1977 Qubec became the first province to include sexual orientation as a human right Police began to investigate gay bashing murders in Qubec A series of older gay men were killedGay men prohibited from attending the funerals of many of their friends that died of AIDSJan 1992 round table Wanted human rights commission to investigate the discrimination against gays and lesbians May 1994 human rights commission released reportmade several recommendations recommended same sex couples should have the same access to social benefits just like heterosexual couplesSame sex couples were denied access to fertility clinicsLesbian mothers association goal of social support build the community Society has not fully recognized same sex couples birth certificates matters within the school1998 gay couple denied right to marriage on basis that the Qubec civil code constituted marriage btwn man and woman2001 case taken to trial fought both levels of gov to gain right to gay marriagerecog Given toa Homosexual civil unionpreliminary bill recognizes gay couples as a homosexual civil union but not an official marriage o gave the government authori
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